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Assistance in collecting whale sightings is essential in increasing our understanding of everything from survival, age of calving, site fidelity, feeding strategies, areas of whale density, range, entanglement rates, etc. 

We coordinate the efforts of the Canadian Pacific Humpback Collaboration; those cataloguing Humpback Whales off the coast of British Columbia to consolidate data sets and develop a province-wide Humpback Whale catalogue and database to enable further research collaboration.  Any Humpback Whale data sent to us for whales outside our study area will be relayed to our collaborator(s) processing data for the area in which the whale was sighted. 

To relay Humpback and Minke Whale photos: 

  • Maintain distance of more than 200 m from whale (see for best practices)
  • Retain photo size and file name i.e. do not crop or rename the photo. 
  • Include photographer name, date, time, and location (ideally with GPS coordinates) 
  • Email to *

*Photo credit is given in our database, in catalogue credits and if any photos are used in our social media.

We identify individual Minke Whales by their flanks / dorsal fins. 

For Humpbacks, we use both dorsal fins and the underside of their tail. 

Sample page from Marine Education and Research Society catalogue: Humpbacks of Northeastern Vancouver Island  by Jackie Hildering and Christie McMillan

Sample page from Marine Education and Research Society catalogue: Minke Whales of the straits off northeastern Vancouver Island by Jared Towers

All photos on this site © Jared Towers, Christie McMillan, Jackie Hildering, and Heidi Krajewsky, unless otherwise indicated. 
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