Sunfish / Mola

Do you have photos of Sunfish (aka Mola) sighted off the coast of British Columbia or Alaska? If you do, you can help research into these fascinating fish by uploading your photos with date and location to the from below. We are striving to help researchers Dr. Marianne Nyegaard, Dr. Tierney Thys, and Tor Mowatt-Larssen in their work to better understand Sunfish. 

The super exciting news is that there are actually two species of Mola in the NE Pacific Ocean - Mola mola AND Mola tecta. If you have Mola photos taken along the coast from California to Alaska, please contribute your data via the data form below. 

See this link for full details on the Project including a presentation by Dr. Marianne Nyegaard on the distinction between the species. 

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