Financial Supporters of Marine Education & Research Society

In addition to our generous financial supporters, there are many others making our work possible through providing in-kind support, sponsoring whales, providing data, etc. Please know that we could not achieve the work that we do without your support. Thank you!

2018/2019 MERS Supporters

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For supporters prior to 2018, click here.

Monthly Donors

  • Barb and Don Anderson
  • Carol Carlsen
  • Joe Connors
  • Nicole Cook
  • Rose Duke
  • Margaret Dyke
  • Lesley Jeanes
  • Jennifer Leigh Jenkins
  • In honour of Janie Johnson 
  • Megan Hockin-Bennett
  • Celia Lewis
  • Irene Maxwell
  • OrcaLab 
  • Jan Padgett
  • Adrian Piloto
  • Barbara Swanston in honour of Asti, Rob & Dash

Sign Sponsors

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Up to $500

  • Anne Hansen
  • Timothy Agg
  • Hal and Donna Baldwin
  • Ken Birdsall
  • Lawrence Birdsall
  • Bluewater Adventures
  • In honour of
    the Bradshaw Family
  • Wendy Burton
  • Josie Byington
  • James and Ann Cox
  • Barry Davis
  • Andrew Dennison &
    Stephanie Puelo
  • Theresa Duncan
  • Donald Ferris
  • Mary Foster / First Unitarian Fellowship of Nanaimo
  • Lisa Gooding / Isla Life Designs 
    (also auction sponsor)
  • Libby Gunn
  • Trisha and Teagan Hall
  • Kilmeny Jones
  • Muffy Jones
  • Len Kelsey
  • Thomas & Linda Kern
  • Claudia Kleeberg
  • In honour of Janet Lawrence
  • Cheryl Lynn Lunt
  • Michele Macartney-Filgate
    in honour of Jenny, David,
    Edward and Teresa
  • Todd & Maria Mader 
  • Leonie Mahlke
    and Rebecca Grim
  • Christa Morrison
  • Paula Munro
  • Leona Murray
  • Gail Neely
  • Annette Noble
  • Annette Papadelis
  • Provincial Employees
    Community Services Fund
  • Paddler's Inn
  • Sharon Ratzlaff
  • Paul and Nicole Roelofs
    in honour of Theo
  • Audrey Swartz Rivers
  • Moira Simpson in honour of Liz, Mary-Jane, Barbara & Marian
  • Steve Smith in memory
    of Hope Smith
  • Jean and Michael Stahnke
  • Sarah Timleck
    in honour of Chris Dodds
  • Kim Waldman & Lynn Gilman
  • Catherine Walsh
  • Nicole Walter
  • Abbey & Todd Weisbrot
  • Linda Williams
  • Linda Wilson
Below - auction sponsors to $500

$500 to $1000

Below - auction sponsors 
$500 to $1000

This list of financial supporters is being updated. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions regarding updates and edits.

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